About Ann

Ann is a longtime resident of Rhinebeck.  She has been painting, drawing, sculpting and making pottery for the past 25 years.  She remembers finding a deep sense of peace even in her first simple paintings in elementary school.  Years later when she worked in Detroit as a boycott organizer for the United Farm Workers Union, the need to create banners, posters and leaflets inspired her to take the challenge and begin her journey as an artist. She started formal training in Detroit.  


Growing up as an army brat, she has lived in several different countries.  As an artist she believes that the Hudson River Valley is one of the most beautiful and inspiring regions of the world.  


After receiving a Masters degree in Social Work, Ann practiced full time while studying with local art teachers. 

But in the last 16 years, she has chosen to focus on her "first love", art.  She has continued her training with artists/teachers in New York state.


Ann works with multiple mediums from figurative sculpture and pottery to oil and water color. She believes that working with two and three deminsional art forms compliment each discipline.  Her goal with sculpture is to capture the mood, gesture and form of the figure.  Ann's goal as a painter is to capture the magic and mystery in nature with light and color.